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Breitling Bentley 6,75

Breitling for Bentley 6,75
© Breitling

Bentley 6,75 is a chronograph by Breitling.

As a tribute to the greatest Bentley engine - the 6.75-liter of the Bentley Arnage - Breitling has enriched the series Breitling for Bentley by the chronograph Bentley 6.75. As a special feature it has a big date on the dial.

This model from 2005 shows characteristic style elements of the British car brand: so the bezel reminds of the classic Bentley armature buttons and the back of the watch is a life-like aluminum wheel in miniature.

The chronograph has very large dimensions with 48.7 mm diameter and is available in stainless steel and in 18ct yellow gold. In addition, there are the following limited editions: 100 pieces in rose gold and 50 pieces in white gold.







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