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Girard-Perregaux R&D 01

Image: Girard-Perregaux R%26D 01

Girard-Perregaux R&D 01, Ref. 49930-11-612-FK6A

Image: Girard-Perregaux R%26D 01 s

Girard-Perregaux R&D 01, Ref. 49930-13-615-FK6A

Image: Girard-Perregaux R%26D 01 g

Girard-Perregaux R&D 01, Ref. 49930-52-151-BBBA

R&D 01 is a wristwatch by Girard-Perregaux.

"R & D" stands for "Research & Development". In collaboration with active athletes, including sailors and racers, it was decided to install the pushers of this chronograph on the left side. The crown with rounded crown protection is - just like with the model Sea Hawk - easily accessible at its positioning at 4 o'clock and ensures maximum comfort.

The crown cap, whose shape reminds of the air intake of a racing car, houses the date correction. The caseback is secured with six Allen screws - like a race car - and has a sapphire crystal which allows a clear view of the handmade movement.







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