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HD3 Complication Capture 2 Chronograph-Tourbillon

HD3 Complication Capture 2
© HD3 Complication

HD3 Complication Capture 2 Rosegold
© HD3 Complication

Valérie Ursenbacher
© RD3 Complication

Capture 2 Chronograph-Tourbillon is a luxury watch by HD3 Complication.

The series Capture was personally designed by Valérie Ursenbacher, who, like her two partners Hysek and Gonet, also maintains her own model range under the umbrella of the HD3 team.

The 2008 presented model Capture 2 Chronograph Tourbillon is the successor to the Capture Perpetual or Capture Tourbillon and like these delivers, but in another way, a reinterpretation of round watch shapes. In addition to the illustrious complication of a tourbillon it also has the stopping capability of a chronograph, which is controlled here by a single pusher.

From each of the 3 versions of this luxury watch, there are a maximum of 11 pieces.






Limited edition:


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