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Sinn 103

Image: Sinn 103 St

Sinn 103 St

Image: Sinn 103 St Ty

Sinn 103 St Ty

Sinn 103 A Sa
© Sinn

Sinn 103 Ti Ar
© Sinn

Sinn 103 Ti Ar UTC
© Sinn

The Pilot Chronograph Ref. 103 is a pilot's chronograph by Sinn.


The Sinn Ref. 103 is the "traditional" pilot's chronograph ("Fliegeruhr") from Sinn. It has been produced for many years in many different combinations of case, dial, and strap. All Ref. 103 chronographs use the Valjoux 7750 movement, most with the traditional 6-9-12 arrangement of subdials and day and date window at 3:00. A few models use alternate derivative movements with subdials arranged differently, day removed, date moved or removed, and so on. Some use Sinn's DIAPAL escapement or feature an additional UTC hour hand.

The Sinn 103 has a modern 41 mm case with angled lugs 20 mm across. Many models have a solid caseback and are 15.5 mm thick, while some have a sapphire display caseback and are 17 mm thick. Cases are made of stainless steel or titanium.

The 103 Ti Ar won the Goldene Unruh award in 1998.






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