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Sinn 358

The Sinn 358 is an affordable larger pilot's chronograph from Sinn since 2011.


The Ref. 358 is more affordable than the classic Ref. 103 Pilot Chronograph line, though they share the same Valjoux 7750 movement. The Ref. 358 Pilot has a 42 mm case, larger than the 41 mm Ref. 103 or 38.5 mm Ref. 356.

Most models use the familiar 6-9-12 subdial layout of the 7750 with day and date windows at 3:00. One exception is the 358 Anniversary model, which uses Sinn's Cal. SZ05 for subdials at 3 and 9 and date window at 6:00. Sinn also produces a DIAPAL version, which lacks the day display.

The basic Ref. 358 features an acrylic crystal and solid caseback and is 16 mm thick. The "Sa" models have a sapphire crystal and display caseback and are 15 mm thick. The Anniversary model is 15.5 mm thick.






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