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Image: Pequignet Moorea Chronograph

Pequignet Moorea Chronograph

Pequignet is a french watch manufacturer.

In 1973 the Frenchman Emile Pequignet founded in the Swiss Jura the brand Pequignet, named after himself. Since the acquisition of the company by Didier Leibundgut, the brand has gained importance worldwide. In Germany the representative Dieter Obert was promoting this brand. The company Pequignet was awarded five times with the trophy of the Golden Dial (Cadran d'Or) for its aesthetic qualities.




Montres Pequignet
1, Rue du Bief
B.P. 13109 F-25503 Mortea Cedex
Tel. +33 (0)3 81 67 30 66
Fax +33 (0)3 81 67 15 14

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