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Sinn 756 Diapal UTC

Image: Sinn 756 Diapal UTC

Sinn 756 Diapal (UTC)

The 756 Diapal UTC by Sinn is the world's first chronograph which Swiss lever escapement is working completely without lubricants thanks to the DIAPAL technology as standard.

The dial of the model 756 is expensively galvanized anthracite, the totalisers have fine concentric rings. The signature "DIAPAL" signals the innovative feature to the connoisseur. The satin-finished tegiment® stainless steel case with magnetic field protection and additional dehumidifying technology is the perfect setting for all oily bearings left.

The appearance of the watch is either completed by a fine Russian leather strap or a five-membered bracelet, also satin-finished and in tegimented solid steel.






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