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The web encyclopedia Watch Wiki presents an abundance of information about top quality wristwatches and the most prestigious watch companies which produce them.

With emphasis on high class mechanical watches and covering the best timepieces and their manufacturers in the first place, this watch wiki suits as reading matter for the connoisseur of this fascinating species of watches. So one could call it a special "Wikipedia for Watches".

Here you can find an abundance of details about the leading watch brands and the best timepieces of the world, but also background reports about watch history and about the famous watchmakers and their career.

This website is also very useful as a handy shopping guide, because it is very fast, neutral, independant and provides important background information.


1.1.2021: This web page and domain is experimental and is used to test certain software and display capabilities. The main address of the Watch Wiki is

Remarkable Models

Temption CM-06
© Temption


Hand winding

Hand winding ultra flat

Chronographs - self-winding

Breitling Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon
© Breitling

Chronographs - manual winding

World Timers / Watches with Additional Time Zone

Watches with Repetition

Vacheron Constantin Tour de L'Ile
© Vacheron Constantin

Watches with Perpetual Calendar

Astronomical Watches - self-winding

Astronomical Watches - manual winding

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